How To Get A Second Passport
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How To Get A Second Passport
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Chapter 7: The Big League (continued)


Before qualifying to apply for Swiss naturalisation and get a Swiss passport you have to have been resident in Switzerland for 12 years.

While it’s not easy, it’s not impossible to obtain a residence visa in the first place — with perseverance you may find a canton that will have you.

Retired persons over 60, able to support themselves and with no intention of carrying on business may be able to live in Switzerland but they must show close ties with the country.

The Swiss confederation consists of 26 cantons, and each of these cantons has autonomy in the allocation of its share of the limited number of residence permits set by the confederation each year. Some are more active than others in encouraging new industrial and commercial activities.

A cantonal authority that is keen to attract a new business will arrange for the necessary work and residence permits for the owner of the business, for managers and for necessary foreign personnel. The arrangements will include a commitment by the authority to ensure that the necessary renewals after the first year are forthcoming. A permit will cover the holder’s spouse and children under twenty.

For the first five years, the permit (called a B permit, permitting both work and residence) is renewable every year. After five years it can be renewed for another five years; and after ten years it can be convened into a C permit which is good for life without renewal. Any renewal is, however, subject to the continuance of the economic activity that supported the permit’s initial grant.

After 12 years’ residence, application may be made for citizenship by naturalisation The grant of this falls within the canton’s authority, not the federal authorities This is because a Swiss citizen is first a citizen of his commune of origin; then a citizen of his canton of origin; and only thirdly a citizen of Switzerland

How to live within Switzerland without a Swiss visa

This heading is slightly misleading, however accurate, because you will need Italian papers.

Provided you have a certain amount of money, and the patience needed for finding a property for sale in what is a very small area, the Italian enclave of Campione could be for you.

Campione’s total area is only one and a half square kilometers so the real estate supply is somewhat limited.

It is on Lake Lugano, and 4 kilometers as the crow flies from the city of Lugano, which is of course in Switzerland, and happens to be the third largest Swiss banking center, served by the Lugano-Agno airport with 9 flights a day to such places as Zurich and Geneva. There is no frontier post between Campione and Lugano — and I do not mean just for crows.

To apply for a “domicilio Italiano” (residence permit) for Campione, you need to have bought a property (conditionally will do), have a valid passport, and evidence of means and of good character. Attendance at the police offices at Campione and nearby Como will be necessary.

After ten years’ residence the domicilio status can be changed to a “residencia permanenta”

Campione has certain tax advantages: “private people” pay no Italian income tax.

What Campione calls “private people” — retired people and freelance professionals resident in Campione — pay no income tax in Italy so long as they are not doing business or have no assets there. Residents of Campione with Italian-source income pay one-quarter the normal Italian rate.

Double tax treaties between Italy and other countries are applicable to Campione residents as they are to other residents of Italy.

House/apartment prices — when you can find a property for sale — range up to Swfr5,500 per square meter, which contrasts nicely with Monaco at up to Swfr15,650.

If you need the name of someone who may be able to help answer questions about either residence permits or real estate in Campione, please write as requested on page 49.

Brazil — $US300,000+

Anyone wishing to make a business investment in Brazil may submit to the Brazilian embassy or consulate a proposal, which will be considered for approval on a case by case basis. The minimum figure quoted is $US300,000.

In addition to approval of the business proposal. applicants for a permanent Brazilian visa must supply the usual records, such as a valid passport, birth and marriage records, and clear police and health records.

The visa, if issued, must be used within three months of its issue, although it can be extended as long as application for extension is made before the visa has expired.

Apart from approved business immigrants, Brazil will also accept retired persons with a pension of at least $US500 monthly, remittable to Brazil, and employees of Brazilian companies or firms under employment contracts approved by the government.

Brazil also permits entry to relatives (spouses and direct line relatives, and dependent minors) sponsored by a resident or by someone being accepted as a resident under the above headings.

The normal period of permanent residence required before application for naturalisation is four years, which is shortened to three for those in the investment category, to two where the applicant is engaged in scientific or research work, and to one where he or she is sponsored by a Brazilian relative.
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