How To Get A Second Passport
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How To Get A Second Passport
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Chapter 4
Citizenship Without Residence

The process of qualifying for citizenship in the countries in the big league [full details in Chapter 7] has a significant disadvantage: the condition that, to achieve citizenship, you must live in the country as a permanent resident for up to five years. Of course if your major goal is to move to one of those countries permanently anyway, there is no harm in that condition, and citizenship is a secondary benefit of achieving your primary objective.

As mentioned earlier however, the residence requirement may be a price you are unable or unwilling to pay if your primary objective is to obtain a second nationality.

Moreover, while you or your family may be able to mobilise $US100,000, if you do not have the experience necessary to use it wisely in running a business, you may be ill-advised to adopt such a plan.

Moving to another country and another culture can be a severe emotional and economic wrench — culture shock. Unless you already have friends or relatives in the new country, you are leaving all your roots behind: all the friends and connections you have built up over the years — and, perhaps, your family as well. The older you are, the more difficult and traumatic such a move can be.

Unless you have easily-transferable skills, the income, prestige and status you have built up at home may be lost. You could find yourself starting at the bottom of the social and economic pile in the new, and possibly very strange, country.

These are all very important questions that you should consider seriously before embarking on any move.

Two particular points about moving to the US are:

  1. There is a some times-overlooked complication for people who apply for permanent residency in the US. Once your application for permanent residence in the US has been approved (which puts you on a waiting list and does not necessarily get you in right away), you enter a legal limbo. While you are on the waiting list, and before the approval takes effect by your getting to the top of the list and getting the final green light in the form of your green card, you are nevertheless treated as if you were a permanent resident. Now this status disqualifies you from getting a tourist or business visa in the meantime.

    This means that between the expiry of your current tourist (B 1 or B2) visa and the issue of your green card you will be unable to visit the US. Of course, if you have a good lawyer, he may help you argue that there are reasons why this rule should be waived in your particular case.

  2. Once you have your green card (permission to reside in the US) you are subject to US taxes on your world-wide income and capital gains, whether or not you reside in the US. If your objective is simply the obtaining of a second nationality, I believe acceptance of the imposition of US taxes for the rest of your life is too steep a price.
Some cheaper Choices.

The purpose of this Special Report is to show how you can obtain a second nationality at relatively low cost, whether measured in money or human terms.

The countries we have briefly surveyed so far offer citizenship only if you immigrate. But there are ways to acquire a second citizenship or travel document that do not require you to disrupt your lifestyle in any significant way.

Reminder: This edition of How To Get A Second Passport was published in 1990. Check the useful links page for updated information.





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